Paris Green (parisgreenbrlsk) wrote in belmontburlesk,
Paris Green

Meet our special guest - La JohnJoseph!

This month, the Belmont Burlesque Revue is delighted to be sharing our stage with boylesque wunderkind and international cabaret sensation, La JohnJoseph!

Named "Gender Provacateur" by the Village Voice, La JohnJoseph is one of New York's finest boylesque artists. He has appeared at the New York Burlesque Festival and performs regularly with groups like Sugar Shack Burlesque, Weimer New York, Sweet and Nasty Burlesque, Kitty Nights, MAN-a-tease and Tigger's Coney Island Boylesque Revue. La John Joseph is also the only man to have ever won the Miss Galapagazonga Burlesque Contest, a crown and title of which he is quite proud.

In addition to his boylesque pursuits, La JohnJoseph is a founding member of the Dada vaudeville cabaret troupe BOYFRIENDROBOTIQUE and the art and style 'zine P.S. I LOVE YOU.

Get your tickets now and get a taste of boylesque!

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